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A Call for Volunteers

Portland Water District will plan, promote, and manage registration for an instructional fly casting event where TU volunteers would show up with the gear, passion for fishing worn on their sleeves, and a brain full of fly casting knowledge to share. Being able to do the event is completely dependent on our ability to procure fly casting instructors and equipment for a group size of 6-8. We will work with 3 groups for a total of 18 – 24 people by the end of the event, and will need fly rods with streamer flies.
• Event: Water Connections - Fishing for Healthy Water
• Message: When we protect our water resources for healthy drinking water, we create healthy fish habitats and vice versa. We all play a role in protecting our water. Learn the basics of fly fishing casting and more about the role of healthy fisheries in Maine’s environment and economy.
• Location: Sebago Lake, Standish Boat Launch beach off Route 35 – room for back casting Time: 9 a.m. – 11 a.m. (flexible)
• Date: one-day event – possible dates Sat/Sun: April 29, April 30, May, 6, May 7 (flexible - dependent on volunteers)
• Age: 14+

This is an excellent opportunity for those who took the train-the-trainer fly casting session last year to fulfill their promise to teach a fly casting session before trout fishing season gets into high gear.

Interested? Contact: Carina Brown, Environmental Educator cbrown@pwd.org (207)774-5961 ext 3320

Kids Water Festival

The Water Festival continues to be a perfect venue for teaching that clean water and good fishing go hand in hand. The May 19th event at USM is an ideal learning situation for Maine young people, and it deserves better volunteer support than we have been giving it. The kids consistently rate fly tying as their favorite activity. The more volunteers that we have, the fewer kids watch - the more who get to tie flies.

If you tie flies, please contact our coordinator Joel Anderson at janderson@pwd.org today to volunteer. Lunch is provided - it will be a rewarding day for you and the kids.

Event Calendar:

Bonus April Chapter Meeting

April 20 - Chapter Meeting at St. Mary's Church, 43 Foreside Road in Falmouth starting at 6:30 with social time (with cash bar:-) Greg Bostater will give a presentation on "Fishing Katahdin Country" with an emphasis on the West Branch and the surrounding streams and ponds. A great kickoff to the fishing season for all!

WARNING: Watch Facebook for an announcement of another 'millennials meet-up' in April too!

Women Fly Fishers

Maine Women Fly Fishers is an outreach activity of Sebago Chapter. We will post their scheduled events on this page. CLICK HERE for more information - contact Evelyn King to get involved.

May 4 - Women’s Casting Clinic. At L.L. Bean. Details available soon.

June 15 - 3 day/3 night trip to Grand Lake Stream. A big thanks to Jeff McAvoy.

Gray Ghosts Fly-Tying Club

First Parish Church, Yarmouth

Old tiers, folks who want to learn, come join us with Maine guide and nationally recognized Master Fly Casting Instructor Rod McGarry. Tying gear available for those who need it. We meet November through March on most second and fourth Tuesdays 6:30 to 8:30, but this year we extending our program into April to make up for snow cancellations.

No matter how much fly tying knowledge you have or the number of books you have read, or videos you have watched, or lessons you have taken, there is nothing like being in a room with some like-minded folks chatting about materials, hooks, patterns and techniques…and then top that chat off by tying some of the flies that work PARTICULARLY well on the waters we usually fish. Our Gray Ghost Fly Tiers ( an outreach group of the Sebago Chapter of Trout Unlimited) will in these next two months present Featured Fly Tiers (and notable fly fishers) from our local area. All of them will be sharing the flies that worked wicked well for them.

March 28 - Gartside's Sparrow with Dan Daly

April 4 - Terry Walsh with La Fontaine’s Emergent Sparkle Pupa and Chouinard’s PT Wet Fly

April 11 - Don Corey with The American Express Card and Rob Dunnett with a Black Smelt Tandem

You will come away from these events with a load of fresh ideas and some better tying techniques. Keep a hook in the vise…..

CLICK HERE to view details about how we conduct our tying sessions.


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