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In 2014 Sebago TU made one of its goals to try to encourage more women to get involved in flyfishing and thus interested in conservation. This spring, Evelyn King, recently appointed to be the Sebago TU Vice President, pulled together a few other TU members (Jessica Sullivan, Olga Booth and Lindsey Rustad) and started up a women's flyfisher group. We (Evelyn, Jessica, Olga and Lindsey) now have almost 80 women who have shown interest in our group and many have attended our events. To date we are a loosely formed group, primarily using a facebook group page to advertise our events. We call ourselves the “Maine TU Women Flyfishers” and our hope is to get the word out that there are enthusiastic women in Maine who are passionate about flyfishing and/or who may just want to learn! It is a chance to have women network to make new women fishing friends, plan trips together to fish, and learn about fishing and conservation in a safe, non-competitive environment!

We've had two successful casting events this spring at Payson Park in Portland. Each casting event has included more than a dozen women, some who already have skills and wanted a refresher, and others who are just getting started. Rod McGarry (Sebago TU Member - and nationally recognized Master Fly Casting Instructor) volunteered to be the group instructor at our most recent event two weeks ago and he did a spectacular job teaching the casting, and keeping everyone entertained at the same time! It was a great event at the park and we attracted the attention of many people traveling by!

We've also had a couple of social events at Portland restaurants. The meetings are informal, and include a "Bug of the Month" session to introduce the ladies to the real bugs in nature, and how we imitate them with artificial flies to deceive the fish! The fly we recently showcased was the caddis fly and we had examples of the real fly and several tied flies used to match the caddis fly. We also had the good fortune of having Bonnie Holding from Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife join us to talk about what the state is doing to support women flyfishers, and to tell us about Casting for Recovery!

Recently LL Bean hosted our group for an evening of detailed instruction on picking out waders, rods, reels and flies. We are currently working out the plans for future fishing trips and instructional workshops to offer to the group. We organized one trip to Rangeley this spring where a few TU members enjoyed with a guide on the Magalloway and Kennebago Rivers. It was a weekend event with a guided day on Saturday and free day to fish in the area on Sunday. We hope to have other events like that, as well as a larger group event that more can attend.

Our group facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MaineWomenFlyfishers

Feel free to join us if you can! Also, we will be posting other events on that page in the future!

Not on facebook? E-mail Evelyn if you have questions.

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